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Soroti, Uganda
"He gives beauty for ashes" Isaiah 61:3

"Amun" means "hope" in the tribal language of Soroti, Uganda. We are a non-denominational, community-based organization, and our desire is to know Jesus personally and introduce Him to others. We also desire to walk in obedience as He leads us to meet the physical needs of those around us. Amun was founded in May 2017. My original plan was to come for a 7 ½ month mission trip and spend most of the time volunteering at medical clinics. That never happened, but in its place we've had the incredible privilege of watching God work all around us in ways that are far more amazing than we imagined. Two of the ways we have watched Him work are through our women’s program in Soroti and a children’s program in a nearby village called Apapai. To read more of the story visit

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