October 7, 2017

Women’s Program

Buy or Sell Jewelry

While we are trying hard to teach the women job skills which will enable them to have their own businesses here in Uganda, we are learning that business is very challenging here because of the general poverty level. Most of the time people have a hard time selling their products for an amount that enables them to make a decent living-especially when they first start their businesses. Because of this, we would like to help supplement the women’s income for up to a year by teaching them to make jewelry and other handmade items as a way for them to earn enough income to start and establish their own business. Our hope is that this will give them enough extra income to purchase the materials needed to start their businesses (like a sewing machine etc.), learn the business well, and establish enough of a customer base that they are able to earn an income which allows them to rise above extreme poverty levels.

We would like to set up a program where ladies in the States can sell the jewelry the women in Uganda make. We will try to post more on this later. If you are interested in getting involved with this please contact me at info@amunministries.org . We are currently working on some new jewelry designs, and I’m hoping to bring a lot back when I go home in December.

If you would like to fully sponsor a start-up business for a woman or village family it is about $100, but any amount will help them! If you feel the Lord is leading you to sponsor or partially sponsor someone please click here.

*The money will be used to purchase handmade items from them. They will be paid a very fair price for the items they make, and the money they earn will go directly into a fund to help them start the business of their choice. They will also earn extra money for personal expenses as they are starting out. The handmade items will be sent to the States to sell, and the profits will be used to help another family or single mom start their business. So, Lord willing, the initial $100 investment will be used to help many, many families and single moms over time. If you would like more details about this program please click here.

We hope the need to sponsor a village family or single mom will be a temporary one, because the program should be self-sustained once we start selling regularly in the States.

Write letters to a lady from our women’s group

Most of the women come from very hard circumstances and painful backgrounds. We would love for each of them to have a godly mentor to encourage them along the way. If you are interested in writing a lady from our women’s group please contact me at info@amunminstries.org . (You can also email the ladies rather than send snail mail.)

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